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His expertise is to design and execute growth strategies across markets and geographies with a balanced combination of data and guts.

If you have a brand, he´s got a marketing plan, mixing branding & advertising tools with first hand solid emotional intelligence and people understanding.

He fell in love with marketing trying to get the Europeans to eat corn
at breakfast (Kellogg's), drink alcohol-free beer (Warsteiner), and
the world citizens to wear plastic watches (Swatch), embrace
pull up diapers (Pampers) and shampoo that makes you shine

Recently  he advocated the wholesomeness of Australian
plant based meat (v2food) to Chinese consumers and the efficacy of
cell therapies globally.

Miércoles 22 de septiembre del 2021

4:00 p. m.

Transmisión vía Zoom

Para alumnos de 15 a 18 años