About us

Diego Aycinena – Director

Diego Aycinena holds a Ph.D in Economics (George Mason University, 2007). Diego carried out his research at the Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science (ICES) with a team of experimental economists under the guidance of Vernon L. Smith (Nobel laureate in Economics, 2002). He frequently teaches courses in Experimental and Behavioral Economics, among other subjects. As part of his research, Diego utilizes controlled experiments in order to comprehend strategic behavior in social, political, and market-oriented settings, as well as to study the dynamics and functioning of the mechanisms present in alternative markets. He also uses field experiments to assess the impact of new policies and examine how the behavioral changes that arise from alternative institutional arrangements affect economic development.

Lucas Rentschler – Senior Research Fellow

Lucas Rentschler holds a Ph.D in Economics with a focus on game theory, industrial organization, and labor economics (Texas A&M University, 2010). His research interests lie in the theoretical and experimental analysis of the strategic interaction between economic agents. Recently, Lucas examined the effects of asymmetric information on various auction mechanisms. He teaches courses in Game Theory and Principles of Macroeconomics, and promotes experiential learning through the use of experimental methods during his lectures.

Mario Gómez – Administrative Coordinator

Mario Gómez holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) with a focus on Marketing (Universidad Francisco Marroquín). He coordinates various research and didactic experiments. Mario administrates the laboratory of the CVS and organizes the tasks related to the diffusion of our work. At present, he teaches the courses of Economics I and Economics II in the School of Economics, and promotes the usage of didactic experiments during his lectures at the UFM.